Kwatani CEO Kim Schoepflin says while the ramping up of production since South Africa’s Level 5 lockdown has brought some relief to mining companies, rais- ing process efficiency is non-negotiable. Design and monitoring are key factors in continuously improving efficiency levels.

“Increasingly scarce resources and cost pressures are challenging the mineral pro- cessing industry,” says Schoepflin. “More than ever, each piece of equipment in the process must deliver efficient output to the exact specification at the lowest cost.”

She emphasises design and monitoring as key factors in continuously improving efficiency levels. As a local manufacturer of custom-designed vibrating screens and feeders, Kwatani leverages cutting edge technology with decades of field experience.

“Using our virtual design software tools – and digitally prototyping customers’ ore and processing flows – we generate bespoke solutions for each application,” she says. “We work as a team in an ecosys- tem that includes metallurgists, engineers and end-customers – collaborating right through from concept to production.”

Kwatani’s designs benefit from the latest 3D modelling and design techniques, and are subjected to finite element analy- sis (FEA) to verify engineering integrity. All Kwatani’s vibrating equipment is assessed with in-house test facilities for conformance to the design specification under ideal operating conditions.

“Ongoing monitoring is also vital to ensure that planned efficiencies are being met, and the lowest cost of owner- ship is being achieved,” she says. “This is supported by our real-time condition monitoring service offering.”