Conveyor Feeders

Application and Kwatani Product

  • Kwatani’s vibrating conveyor feeders convey materials over longer distances than conventional feeding systems and utilise the natural frequency of vibration resulting in lower system stress, less maintenance, long service life, low power usage at a lower cost.
  • The natural frequency design uses a spring- mounted weight that once it sets into motion vibrates at its natural frequency until frictional losses cause it to stop. When a small force is periodically applied in resonance with the natural frequency, large amplitudes of vibration can be obtained with very little input.
  • Typical applications are in the food, chemical, mining, foundry and smelting industry.
  • Come and test feed material in Kwatani’s testing laboratory to select the optimum feeding solution for the specific application.

Kwatani Performance Benefits

  • Kwatani custom designs each feeder for the application to provide the optimal feeding solution.
  • Kwatani conveyor feeders can handle heat, dust, impact, and abrasion ideal for the most arduous industrial environments
  • Kwatani conveyor feeders can be used to heat, cool, dry, screen, meter, and elevate while conveying product.
  • Gentle handling for fragile products. A series of gentle “throws and catches” where pressure and motion between the pan and the conveyed material occur as separate actions allows even delicate materials to be carried without damage or degradation.
  • Low noise operation.

Kwatani Configuration and Range

  • Through widths from 150 mm to 1500 mm.
  • Through lengths up to 15 000 mm.
  • Typical trough height 150 mm.
  • Fully enclosed options available.
  • A shock absorber drive accommodates changing loads and evenly distributes the weight to the spring system. For light-duty applications, torsion bushings isolate the drive mechanism and for heavy-duty applications, a rubber compression drive is used.
  • Spring systems can be fibreglass, steel coils, rubber shear or a combination thereof. Coil springs provide a rugged, heavy-duty, high- temperature solution while leaf springs provide a lower-cost design that is well suited to usage in moist environments.
  • Combating unwanted vibration with a choice of vibration absorption designs: unbalanced conveyor, weighted-base isolated conveyor, balanced conveyor, and balanced-isolated conveyor.

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