Dewatering Screens

Application and Kwatani Product

  • Kwatani’s dewatering screen range features horizontal, inclined and multi-slope screen deck design options to ensure optimal water recovery from feed material.
  • Kwatani’s custom dewatering screens offer excellent dewatering of wet material at high load capacity while retaining fine particle material in the screen bed. The dewatered material can be more easily handled, conveyed and stock-piled.
  • The G-forces resulting from Kwatani’s ideal combination of amplitude/stroke and speed effectively squeeze water out of the screen bed.
  • Test specific feed material Kwatani’s wet and dry material testing laboratory.

Kwatani Performance Benefits

  • Kwatani dewatering screens are custom designed to meet the specific process requirements and ensure superior water removal without losing excess fines.
  • Kwatani’s mechanically robust designs handle the harshest mining applications.
  • In-house finite element analysis (FEA) on each custom design for optimum performance.
  • Kwatani screens are designed for high load capacity, improved wear life and lower operating cost.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Epoxy between bolted side plate assembly surfaces for additional corrosion protection.
  • Kwatani also offers retrofit replacement screens that improve metallurgical screen dewatering performance while seamlessly matching the structural footprint of existing plant infrastructure with minimal structural modification.

Kwatani Configuration and Range

  • Sizes range in width from 610mm to 4270mm wide.
  • Typical aperture sizes 0.5 mm and less.
  • Configuration:
  • Single inclined deck
    Single horizontal deck
    Multi-slope banana deck

  • Equipped with vibrator unbalanced motors or exciter gearboxes for larger capacity screening applications.
  • A variety of wear liners to best suit the abrasion/corrosion characteristics of the process material.
  • Rubber lined, polyurethane or ceramic wear protection of the deck components and side-plates.
  • Modular polyurethane or wedge wire screening panels.
  • 3 screen mounting options for optimized isolation (coil springs, rubber buffers and/or Resatec torsional springs).
  • Counterbalance sub-frame option for minimal transmission of dynamic forces into support structures.

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