Feeder Types

  • Conveying pan feeder
  • Silo/bin discharge feeder
  • Two-way feeder
  • Pipe/tubular feeder
  • Magnetic batch feeder

Application and Kwatani Product

  • Kwatani vibrating feeders are designed to increase production capacity and lower processing cost.
  • Kwatani feeders are capable of conveying a broad range of materials of varying densities and particle sizes.
  • Kwatani feeders are widely used in mining, aggregates and foundry applications to transfer materials from one process step to the next, or to extract materials from storage stockpiles.
  • Kwatani feeders ensure that materials are dosed correctly and deliver a uniform flow of dry or moist fraction of rock, minerals or reagents.
  • Kwatani’s wide range of custom designed feeders consists of: 
    – Conveying pan feeders for a uniform flow of material to screens, crushers, scrubbers, mills, and conveyors.
    – Silo/bin discharge feeders for feeding/withdrawing material from storage silos or bins for transferring to downstream equipment.
    – Two-way feeders for bi-directional conveyance for multi-directional product processing.
    – Pipe/tubular feeders are completely enclosed and suitable for feeding material that is prone to the creation of dust or spillage. Kwatani pipe feeders are tamperproof and ensure the safe conveyance of valuable or hazardous material.
    – Magnetic batch feeders for feeding material at a controlled rate to a weigh hopper for precise batching with enclosed or open magnetic drives with control logic.

Kwatani Performance Benefits

  • Kwatani feeders are custom designed to handle from light to very heavy, highly abrasive materials discharged under the most difficult of conditions.
  • Kwatani’s mechanically robust designs handle the harshest applications.
  • In-house finite element analysis (FEA) on each custom design for optimum performance.
  • Kwatani feeders are designed for high load capacity, improved wear life and reduced operating cost.
  • Seamless integration into the plant layout and process requirements.
  • Kwatani feeders can be designed to cope with plant and space constraints with drives mounted at the rear (below) or on the sides of the feeder.
  • Easy installation and setup.
  • Minimal maintenance required.

Kwatani Configuration and Range

  • Custom pan sizes up to 4800mm wide and achievable feed rates of up to 4500 tph.
  • Kwatani pipe feeders are available in a conveying length of up to 10 m.
  • Equipped with vibrator unbalanced motors or exciter gearboxes for heavy duty feeding applications.
  • Low sided and high sided feeder pan options available.
  • Compact design option for low profile installations.
  • Bespoke integrated dewatering design options available.
  • Adjustable and/or controllable feed rate or batching with electro-magnetic configuration option.
  • Two-way multi-directional feed options available.
  • Foot mounted or suspended depending on plant requirements.
  • Variety of wear lining protection options for longer in-service life.
  • 3 screen mounting options for optimized isolation (coil springs, rubber buffers and/or Resatec torsional springs).
  • Counterbalance sub-frame option for minimal transmission of dynamic forces into support structures.

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