Round Fine Separators

Application and Kwatani Product

  • Kwatani round separators are used for screening a broad range of high- or low- density, coarse or fine materials, in a wet or dry condition.
  • Single or multiple separations with up to four screen decks can be incorporated into one Kwatani Round Separator, providing simultaneous separation into five fractions.
  • Typical applications include scalping (separating larger particles from the primary product) and fines removal (removing dust and other small particles from the primary product).
  • Come and test feed material in Kwatani’s testing laboratory to select the optimum fine screening solution for the specific application.

Kwatani Performance Benefits

  • Minimum blinding – the gyratory vibratory action reduces screen blinding to a minimum. Products more prone to blinding can be screened efficiently with the addition of Kwatani’s self-cleaning kit.
  • Greater capacity – Kwatani round separators offer greater capacity per square metre of screening area than other types of screening systems.
  • Long screen life – tension rings apply a uniform tension on each screen cloth. The drum-tight screening surface vibrates freely without whipping against rigid supports, which greatly reduces screen wear and increases screen life.
  • Limited space requirement – Kwatani round separators require less working floor space than other screening systems.
  • Minimal power consumption – Kwatani round separators draw less current than other units of a similar capacity.
  • Low maintenance – the ease with which screens can be changed, significantly reduces maintenance time and costs.
  • Minimal transmitted vibration – no special flooring or foundation is required. The unit may be placed (and easily removed) wherever it is needed.


  • Sizes range in width from 610mm up to 4270 mm, and mass up to 55 tons.
  • Single or double deck configurations.
  • Equipped with Kwatani premium vibrator unbalanced motors or exciter gearboxes for larger capacity applications.
  • Screen media offered in modular or custom designed options including rubber, polyurethane and woven wire.
  • Kwatani in-house engineered screen media delivers excellent wear life, ease of maintenance and superior safety features with Kwatani’s innovative heavy duty fastener configuration, ideal for heavy duty scalping applications.
  • Polyurethane, rubber or steel wear plate protection of wear surfaces.
Size Screening Area (m2) External Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Screen Diameter Total Mass of the Screen (kgs) Number of Possible Fractions Required Power KW
30 0.45 587-1153 752 30” Max.272 4 0.5
48 1.16 741-1605 1219 48” Max.467 5 1.8
60 1.82 755-1915 1524 60” Max.756 5 1.8
72 2.62 1490- 1880 1828 72” Max.900 4 3.6

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